What challenges and dilemmas will Artificial Intelligence bring to nations by 2030?

Artificial Intelligence: Is it a friend or foe to humans?

Don’t miss this chance to share with other students from around the world a glimpse of what to expect in the immediate future while you participate in a Model United Nations programme during 3 days in Barcelona.

The year 2030. You are a delegate representing your country at the UN. The problems are complex but you have researched solutions. The chances for an agreement are low but you will do your best. The citizens of the world  are relying on you. Good luck and enjoy!

Explore the light and dark sides of AI

In September 2015, the countries of the UN adopted a set of goals –the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)- with the aim of reducing inequalities, protecting the planet and ensuring prosperity for all.

S’MUN2030 plays a significant role in achieving these goals through the increased engagement in global issues of high school students around the world. S’MUN2030 contains a wealth of opportunities to dig deeper into issues such as sustainability, education, new forms of economy or energy resources within the framework of Artificial Intelligence.

· Research ·
· Predict Scenarios ·
· Analyze consequences ·

Artificial Intelligence is frequently seen in negative terms as the technology that will take over our jobs and even our lives. But what if it could also become a valuable tool in the worldwide efforts to achieve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals?

· Discuss ·
· Reach agreements ·
· Write resolutions ·

Committees & Topics


AI and Global Health: Applications in medical diagnosis and prevention. (OMS)


Deregulation of educational standards according to AI. (UNESCO)


Cryptocurrency regulations. Control by governments. (IMF)


Ethics of Robotics and AI: The Trolley Problem and how it should be regulated. (GA Ethics Committee)


Regulation of transport, moving towards sustainability. (GA Commission, Sustainable Development)


Use of AI in Energy to reverse global warming. (UNFCCC)

Big Data

Blockchain access control system for big data security. (GA)


AI weapons under international humanitarian law. (Security Council)

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